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The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.
– Joseph Joubert

It is commonly said that judges hear cases. But parties, especially losing parties, often leave litigation feeling that they themselves haven’t been heard. That’s because the court system is not designed to listen; it’s designed to make decisions as quickly and efficiently as possible. What often gets lost in this system is the individual and his or her story.

Mediation is all about the the parties and their individual stories. It’s about finding common ground in conflict. Whereas court, at its best, is a win-lose model, mediation is a win-win model. Instead of dividing up the pie, mediation tries to make the pie bigger by allowing parties time to hear and be heard and come up with possible solutions that would never emerge from a litigation process.

Although mediation can be a part of settlement negotiations, it is not merely settlement negotiations. Mediation opens up the conversation and allows parties to come to a better understanding not only of their own needs and interests, but those of the other party as well.

Windy City Mediation is interested in helping parties, especially pro se (that is, unrepresented) parties reach mutually beneficial resolutions to their disputes, including: neighbor quarrels; small claims; landlord-tenant relationships; any dispute where the parties are interested in trying to resolve their conflict without resorting to litigation.

Windy City Mediation serves Albany Park, Lincoln Square, greater Chicago, and Evanston.

If you have a conflict you think might benefit from mediation, contact Windy City Mediation using the contact form on this site or at or 773.599.0370.

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